Salt and Saline Removal

If you do decide for whatever reason that you wish to have a tattoo removed there are several methods which currently can be used.

Dermabrasion, which in effect sands away the top layers of skin, it is generally successful but painful and can cause scarring.

Excision, which means removing the skin affected by means of surgery, which is costly and extreme.

Laser, which works by breaking down the pigments, this can be costly and painful.


Salt and Saline removal is different, it is a simple and safe method which uses a needle and the science of osmosis to quite literally pull the pigments to the surface of the skin, the skin scabs and heals and the tattoo becomes lighter and lighter as the pigments or inks are drawn away. Lightening of the area being treated usually begins after the 2nd or 3rd session, but it could take many sessions to completely remove. There is no such thing as a quick fix!

Salt & Saline removal doesn’t differentiate between pigment or ink, or red or blue, and has been proven to reduce or remove most tattoos and pigment.

For the removal of ill placed eyebrows the object would be to lighten the area enough to be able to replace and re draw. When eyebrows have been tattooed with black , or a dark pigment which has healed extremely cool (grey or mauve), this process can’t guarantee complete removal.

Prices start from £40 per area but would be assessed accordingly at consultation and a price given.



Salt and Saline removal is only recommended for small areas, whether this be a body tattoo or eyebrows. Large areas of body tattoo would need to be lasered.