Procedures and Pricing

Eyebrow Procedure

Each eyebrow procedure will require two visits to achieve the result that you want. The first visit will take around one and a half to two hours as there is a consultation to complete so you get the very best from the procedure that you have chosen.

The second visit will be 4-6 weeks later and should take no more than one and a half hours. All second visits must be taken within 3 months of the initial visit. I recommend a 12-18 month re-touch (dependent on fading) of one visit to keep your colours looking fresh.

As I work from home and don't have salon overheads I am able to offer these procedures at around 20% less than other technicians. Salon treatments without salon prices!


Note - Patch tests and an initial consultation, prior to any treatment, are free. 

Eyebrows - all types

£270.00 total cost which includes your follow up appointment 4 weeks later.


Twelve to eighteen months £110.00. Any top up after eighteen months £160.00.


Due to popular demand I now offer six monthly tops ups charged at only £75.00…..although this must be done at 6 months.

New client top ups. (work done by a previous technician). Charged the same as new brows as two treatments are required.


Correction work for eyebrows which may include salt and saline removal, new placement and colour correction would be priced on consultation.

Lash Definition - basic or thick


Subtle placement in the lash line, top or bottom . £75.00 per treatment

For any top up treatment / retouch, you must have something left from a previous procedure.

If you have no existing, or very little shape and colour from a previous treatment, because it was either done a long time ago or has faded away it will not be treated as a top up, two treatments will be needed and will be charged accordingly.


All second follow up treatments must be taken within 3 months of initial visit.

A word about top-ups


Meso Vytal Skin Needling


£40 per session (around 1 hour)

​Payment is currently by cash, cheque or bank transfer.

Treatments via gift vouchers must be taken within 6 months of purchase.

For more information on salt and saline removal click here.

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£40 per session (around 1 hour)