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Dermaplaning to Meso Vytal Skin Needling

Two unique facial skin treatments which can be done separately, or together if wished, as a total skin treatment.  




This procedure makes the most of your eyes and has the ability to add depth and definition by adding eyeliner that won't smudge or disappear and is long lasting. It is great for women who regularly use eyeliner and find it difficult or time consuming to do on a daily basis.




Semi-Permanent Make-up for eyebrows is by far the most popular procedure that I do. You will absolutely love this procedure if you want to give your 'brows more emphasis and you'll save time because you won't need to pencil them in again. Once the procedure is complete you can swim, play sport or just lie in the sun safe in the knowledge that you won't have the worry of losing your 'brows again. If you have little or no brow hair, perhaps due to over plucking, you will be amazed just how much difference a balanced set of eyebrows will make to your face.


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Dear Client,

This website has been designed to offer you a clear concept of what Semi-permanent make-up (micropigmentation) is, and to give you assurance of how safe and effective it can be.


I also explain how the treatments can be customised to your particular needs and desires.

Using precise techniques semi permanent make-up can improve the shape and balance of your eyebrows, enhance and define your eyes and improve the colour and contour of your lips.


A full consultation will be given to assist you in choosing the shape, colour and style you require. Nothing will be done without your agreement.


The results will last for months, slowly fading with time. An annual colour boost is then recommended to keep the look fresh and realistic.


If you have any questions whatsoever then please do not hesitate to contact me.


I hope you find the following pages both helpful and informative and I look forward to being of service to you.

Bryony Says...

Just Eyebrows??

I started up my business over 9 years ago to provide a service to ladies who wanted their eyebrows back. Comments like ‘I plucked them out when I was a teenager and now they don’t ’grow anymore and ‘They have just disappeared as I have got older’ I hear all the time!

Don’t under estimate the humble eyebrow. They frame the face and without them we look different, put them back and we feel more complete, confident, and for some ladies more able to wear less or no makeup.

Having your brows tattooed back on isn’t just for the young and trendy, indeed most of my clients are aged 65 plus and find it makes a huge difference. Sparse and light brows can have shape; colour and definition put back using this technique.

Everyone’s face is different and your brows are as individual as you are, your bone structure, skin type, age, face symmetry, and other factors are all carefully taken into consideration, what suits a girl of 20 isn’t necessarily going to suit a mature woman in her fifties and beyond.

The construction of a new brow is a process of implanting pigment, with a colour chosen and agreed by us both, using hair strokes, and a very fine needle. Some may only want a few, for a soft look, others prefer more strokes packed together to replicate a stronger brow, but whatever it is your wanting to achieve I spend time discussing and drawing in before we actually go ahead. Topical pain relief is applied before and during the procedure as keeping my clients comfortable is extremely important to me.

Once completed your brows should last many months, but everyone is different, they fade and soften and that’s just how some women like them, others like to keep them more bold and so return for 6 monthly top ups, the choice is entirely yours.

Because I work solely from my treatment room at home I am able to keep my prices low in comparison to salon based technicians. The atmosphere is very relaxed, no hustle and bustle of a busy salon, and absolutely no time constraints, it can take as long as it needs to, and nothing is done without you being totally happy first.

I am always happy to offer a free, no obligation consultation first, and give a free patch test should you wish to go ahead.